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More RDMAs Pictures

We just added four more pictures of this weekend’s Radio Disney Music Awards! We added three pictures of Kat walking on the red carpet and one of her inside this event. Please don’t forget to check them out because they are all in HQ and amazing! You can use the links below to help you get there.

Project Mermaid Photoshoot

Kat was part of the Project Mermaid of 2016 and I just added the one picture I could find on our gallery. She looks gorgeous on her red mermaid tail, I think it matches her current red hair so much! Please don’t hesitate and visit our gallery and see for yourself how Kat would be one of the beautiful mermaids. Use the gallery link below to check it out!

More Pictures of the Red Carpet of the RDMAs!

I just added 21 HQ’s images of this RDMAs! I hope you enjoy them, go ahead and jump to our gallery to check them up!

More Pictures from the RDMAs!

I just added 18 more pictures from today’s Radio Disney Music Awards to the gallery. They are all in HQ so please enjoy them as much as I did! Use the gallery link below to check out the pictures!

Kat at the Red Carpet of the Radio Disney Music Awards Los Angeles

Today, Kat arrived at the red carpet of the Radio Disney Music Awards Los Angeles and she looks AMAZING! She’ll be hosting this event, so hopefully we’ll get more pictures of it by tomorrow or later today. Please don’t forget to check out the images using the gallery link below.

Kat at the ‘Mothers and Daughters’ Premiere

Yesterday, April 28th, Kat attended the ‘Mothers and Daughters’ Premiere in Los Angeles. The pictures of the red carpet can be found on our gallery so go check it out!

Kat at the 2016 ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Hollywood

Yesterday, April 27th, Kat attended the 2016 ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Hollywood! She looked gorgeous as always, you can check out the pictures of this event on our gallery using the gallery link below.

Kat Won Best Actress On the FirstGlance Film Festival For Natural Selection

Kat won the Best Actress on the FirstGlance Film Festival for her role as Paige Thomas in the movie Natural Selection!
Congratulations Kat!

Natural Selection Videos and Photos

Kat’s will be Paige Thomas in this new short film called Natural Selection. Kat’s character is called Paige Thomas and her description is that she “embodies love and hope; smart and lovely, with incredible strength of character, Paige is a magnet for everyone around her. However, attraction can be dangerous” on the movie’s official website. The release date is still unknown.

Here’s the storyline of the movie taken from IMDb:

Natural Selection is a story of triumph and absolution. It explores both sides of human nature, where love as well as hate are separated by a thread and the potential corrosion of ones soul by the influence of evil.

On the website we also found some behind the scenes videos which you can watch here:

Also, we have a behind the scene photo and also the official poster of the movie. Please visit our gallery to see both of them.

Gallery Update: Television Series “Happyland” Photos

Kat was in a television series called Happyland that aired in September 30th of 2014 on MTV created by Ben Epstein but sadly didn’t make past season one. Kat’s character was Harper Munroe, the series genre is comedy and drama.

Happyland centers on Lucy, a cynical teenage girl whose mother works as a fairy tale princess in a popular theme park. Lucy explores the reality of growing up and falling in love whilst living in their fictional world of fantasy vs. reality.

We have the promotional shoot, a still from an episode and also a poster. Please check them out using our gallery link below.
Comment below or send us a tweet if you think we should also add the screencaptures for the show!