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Shadowhunters ‘2×08 Love Is a Devil’ HQ Screencaptures

I finally *sigh* added the HQ screencaptures of this week’s episode of Shadowhunters entitled Love Is a Devil to our gallery! They are incredible. You can check them out down below.

Shadowhunters ‘2×10 By The Light Of Dawn’ HQ Episode Stills

I finally updated the gallery with the HQ stills from the last episode from season 2A of Shadowhunters to our gallery! The episode is entitled By The Light Of Dawn.

The New York Institute is under attack as Valentine’s plan for The Soul Sword is getting dangerously close to coming to fruition. The Shadowhunters must act fast to save their loved ones and the rest of the Downworld. Meanwhile, some of the Downworlders have their own plan to stop Valentine and their target is Clary.

Shadowhunters ‘2×09 Bound By Blood’ HQ Stills

The amazing stills from episode the ninth episode of Shadowhunters entitled Bound By Blood can be found on our gallery!

With word getting out that Clary is a key part of Valentine’s plan, the Downworlders are at odds on how to handle the issue. But when Iris activates her blood oath, Clary has more to worry about than hiding from Valentine and the Downworlders. Meanwhile, Isabelle and Raphael get closer as Alec tries to figure out what’s going on with his sister.

Shadowhunters “2×08 Love Is a Devil” Episode Stills

I added amazing episode stills of the next episode of Shadowhunters to our gallery. The episode is called Love Is a Devil, Kat looks amazing in it!

Shadowhunters “2×07 How Are Thou Fallen” HQ Episode Screencaptures

I finally added the HQ screencaptures of the amazing new episode of Shadowhunters entitled How Are Thou Fallen to our gallery! You can check them out down below!

Kat Out and About During NYFW

Kat was seen out and about on February 10th during the New York Fashion Week! The amazing candid pictures can be found in our gallery! Fee free to check them out down below.

Kat Attends 2017 New York Fashion Week

Kat attended two fashion show runaways on this years New York Fashion Week! She attended Oday Shakar and Milly fashion shows. I added in total 80 amazing pictures of Kat and some with her co-star Emeraude! Check them all out down below.

Shadowhunters “2×06 Iron Sisters” HQ Episode Screencaptures

The amazing screencaptures of this week’s Shadowhunters episode entitled Iron Sisters are now on our gallery! This episode was amazing, don’t forget to check the captures too! You can find them using the gallery link below.

Kat Attends aTVfest 2017

Kat attended earlier today the aTVfest 2017 Presented by SCAD in Atlanta to talk about Shadowhunters with co-star Alisha Wainwright and the executive producers Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer. I added some pictures of the press junket and some of the Q&A to our gallery.

Shadowhunters “2×05 Dust and Shadows” HQ Episode Screencaptures

Our gallery was updated with the HQ episode screencaptures of the latest Shadowhunters episode entitled Dust and Shadows! You can check them using the gallery link below!