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Kat Photographed by Sara Jaye Weiss

Kat was photographed by the incredible Sara Jaye Weiss not long ago! I updated the gallery with the amazing new pictures, go check them out!

[Gallery Update] Extra Shadowhunters Stills & Behind the Scenes Picture!

Amazing new episode stills from the sixth episode, Iron Sisters, of Shadowhunters were added to the gallery! Besides that, I added one amazing behind the scenes of the fifth episode, Dust and Shadows, on our gallery!

Shadowhunters “2×07 How Are Thou Fallen” Episode Stills

I updated the gallery with the HQ stills of the seventh episode of Shadowhunters entitled How Are Thou Fallen. They are amazing! Make sure to check them out on our gallery.

Shadowhunters Season 2 Missing HQ Screencaptures Added

I’ve finally added the missing screencaptures from the episodes 3×03 Parabatai Lost and 3×04 Day of Wrath to our gallery! You can find the caps down below!

‘Shadowhunters’ Casts Sebastian!

And he’s finally here! Will Tudor was casted as Sebastian this morning. Will will assume the iconic role from Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments books, TVLine has learned exclusively; Tudor is set to make his first appearance as Sebastian in the premiere of Season 2B, airing later this year.

“He’s so good in this part,” showrunner Todd Slavkin gushes to TVLine, throwing out adjectives like “amazing” and “mind-blowing.” Fellow showrunner Darren Swimmer concurs, adding that there’s a “vulnerability” to Tudor’s performance that’s truly “captivating.”

Slavkin says the team was sold by Tudor’s self-taped audition, which he still finds “chilling.”

“When he taped, he had an American accent, which was really interesting,” Slavkin explains. “But when we saw his reel, saw him on Game of Thrones and Humans, then looked at our take on the character, we were like, ‘Oh, you’re from London. You’re from the London Institute. Use your British accent.’ And it works so well.”

That’s right, Sebastian — originally from the Paris Institute in Clare’s books — is going to hail from the London Institute on Shadowhunters.

“We really put our own spin on him the character,” Slavkin says, though he wants any further specifics to remain a surprise for fans. “As we’ve done with all the episodes you’ve seen, we’ve always had our own spin on everything, and Sebastian is no different.”

And here’s a fun behind-the-scenes note: When Tudor showed up for his first table read, the showrunners discovered that he has a history with one of his new co-stars.

“We weren’t aware of this when we cast him, but he and Dominic Sherwood have this past together as kids in England,” Slavkin says. “They have this real friendship off-screen, which is chilling if you know the books and can think about the irony of that.” (Source)

Kat welcomed Will to the cast by posting the adorable picture featured above and the following capture:

Clary & Sebastian… and so we finally meet… Welcome @WillTudor1! #ShadowhuntersSeason2

Shadowhunters Season 2 HQ Stills

I just updated the gallery with the all the UHQ stills possible from the second season of Shadowhunters! They are so amazing, check them out down below.

Katherine McNamara Refuses to Stay Silent—And Why You Should Do the Same + More Shoot Pictures

“Since Shadowhunters started, everything about my life has changed,” says Katherine McNamara (you probably know her as Clary Fray from the Freeform series). “To have people out there who are as equally passionate about the show makes all of the blood, sweat, and tears worthwhile, but I’m still just me. I’m still trying to figure out what it means to be an adult, all while being thrown into this world of fantasy.”

But recently, Katherine has been working on changing reality in a major way—she’s using her passion and platform for good as an ambassador for Girl Up, a United Nations-sponsored initiative that helps and encourages girls in developing countries. “Little differences can add up to make a change,” Katherine explains of her work. “For example, money raised has been used to purchase bikes. We’ll take a bike directly to a girl who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get to school.” And good news for those of you looking to make a change: This is something anyone can get involved in. “I’ve met several high school students who are ambassadors in their own right and are huge advocates,” she notes. “We have to do whatever we can to make our world a better place.”

The first step? Starting a dialogue about important issues right here and now. She does this with her co-stars. “The cast is always talking during hair and makeup,” Katherine says. “We’re such a diverse group, and we spend so much time with each other, so when we have conversations, we bring our own perspective to debate things in a very real way. For example, I had a lot of friends who were really worried about their future over the course of the election. Looking at these people hurting opened my eyes to the issue of passivity and the issue of our generation not feeling like they can make a difference or have a voice. It’s our responsibility to make our voices heard.”

Katherine wanted to share this message on how to incorporate what she calls “positive proactivity” into your daily live. Keep reading for her inspiring words. — Kristie Dash

“They say the only constant in our world is change, and boy, have we ever seen that to be true in recent years. This can be a bit terrifying for some. But this is where we come in. We are a new generation of open-minded individuals, willing to listen to views other than our own. We have the power to initiate the change we want to see in the world, and I believe it is essential that we take advantage of this opportunity. People are choosing to make their voices heard and to speak out for what they feel is right. I applaud those who are choosing to no longer be passive bystanders to the issues in our society. Political and social activism is one of the most important responsibilities we have as members of the national and the global community; however, we have to be sure we take action that has a positive influence, not a negative one.

“At this point in time, we have to unite—as a community, as a generation. We have to take action, speak up, make our voices heard, but do so in a way that is inclusive. Before you lash out with raw emotion, take a moment. Pause. Listen. Assess the situation and find a way to not only highlight the problem at hand but be a part of the solution. Listen to every perspective, not just those that align with your thinking. Educate yourself as to the root of the problem. If you understand the situation fully, from every side, from past to present, you can better serve the change that needs to be made. We have the power, the opportunity, and the passion to ignite positive change and truly make a difference in shaping our world. We as a society are at a turning point. Take a stand. Practice positive proactivity.” — Katherine McNamara

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2017 Winter TCA Press Tour Portraits

I just added the amazing portraits of Kat at the 2017 Winter TCA Press Tour by herself and with her co-star Emeraude! They both looked so pretty I’m in awe. Check them out down below!

Shadowhunters ‘2×02 A Door Into the Dark’ Screencaptures

I just added the screencaptures for the new episode of Shadowhunters to our gallery! They are all in the best quality possible, so enjoy.

Kat for Black Chalk Magazine

Kat was featured on the January issue of Black Chalk magazine and the shoot is absolutely STUNNING! I added the shoot to our gallery, plus you can read Kat’s interview for the magazine below!

First impressions are supremely important, they literally define how a person will regard you for the rest of your life. And it isn’t very often that the first impression I have of a person is how genuine and passionate they are. Yet those words sum up Katherine McNamara perfectly. She is one of those rare individuals who truly knows what she is meant to do in life and is following that path without hesitation.

From her days in New York starring in a Broadway musical, to kicking demonic ass on the hit series “Shadowhunters” on Freeform, to having to run through the desert with a gun in “Maze Runner”, Katherine displays a zest for a life that can be infectious as I learned from our time together on set. From the moment Katherine walks into the LA nightclub Bootsy Bellows where we shooting the editorial, she lights up the whole atmosphere. Together with photographer Hennadiy Kvasov, I wanted to create the story of a young starlet like Katherine coming of age in Hollywood in midst of all the glitz and glamour, trying to find her own unique voice.